Global Divine Love Abundance


Let us raise the vibration of Love, Light & Consciousness on the Planet

Our Vision is to help raise the vibration of Love, Light and Consciousness on the Planet with our FREE weekly Global Divine Love Abundance & Healing Events with Crystalline Diamondloveheart. These are deep divine transmissions encoded with high vibrations of love & light that include golden crystalline diamond light activations, sound healing and attunements

Join us every Sunday at 6pm GMT for your global divine transmission of divine love abundance and healing. 

The purpose of this group is to develop a higher trust that you have everything you desire within – the kingdom of divine frequencies of divinity are within. To activate the abundant flow is to tune in feel and embody this completely and then radiate this out in the highest way. By doing this in your life you will know, see and feel that you are the Source and no one or anything is your Source of the abundant flow of divine love and light. 

To truly activate the abundant flow of divine love it’s important to give this to yourself first where you feel completely full with it, embody this and radiate it out in the highest way

During this transmission you will receive:

  • A deep divine transmission of divine love from the heart 
  • A powerful crystalline diamond love-light activation to open & expand your heart and unlock the abundant flow of love
  • Sacred love-light language to clear what’s blocking the abundant flow of divine love
  • Sacred journey of the heart to truly and deeply embody  the abundant flow of divine love 
  • Radiance attunement to radiate out into your life and the world this beautiful divine gift

You will learn how to activate, embody and radiate out the abundant flow of divine love. You will then be broadcasting into the world a high vibrational frequency of divine love that you will receive back into your life in so many wonderful ways. 

Joining together each week in unity consciousness raises your vibration of divine love within and the vibration of love, light and consciousness in the world. This is a divine loving path to enlightenment and divinity. 

With Infinite Love & Light