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Golden Diamond Heart Temple

Golden Heart Activation

Divine Beloved
Thank you for joining the Golden Diamond Heart Temple where you will receive FREE access to my LIVE monthly group healing and clearings that are encoded with the golden diamond heart frequencies, sacred love-light language, which will help clear karmic and trauma imprints from the heart from all lifetimes, open and expand your heart to a higher frequency of love and shift you into a higher timeline to receive more of the full abundance of you.

There will also be an opportunity to either send in your questions and comments or ask them Live. 

My mission is to help support, guide and inspire people to return to their heart to open and heal it to love themselves unconditionally, so that they can receive the full Abundance of who they are.  

Looking forward to connecting with you on my Live group healing and clearings. 

With Infinite Love & Light 


Please send all questions and comments to 
(All emails will receive a personal response from me with love )