Jelelle and Raphael Awen’s Special Offer


1 Private Session with an Soulfullheart Facilitator + 2 months of Soulfullheart PREP Program ( 6 self-led processes)

Soulfullheart Private Session - $55 value

Depending on your age and range of life experience, you will be invited to have a 60 to 90min, one-on-one session with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator that matches your current needs.

To learn more about the Soulfullheart Facilitators visit:


Two Months of Soulfullheart PREP Program (6 self-led processes) $66 value

The processes you will be receiving are the following:

Process #1: Baseline Of All Seven Key Areas Of Life from 3D/4D/5D Consciousness

Process #2: Intro To 3D/4D/5D Selves Differentiation

Process #3: Intro To Parts Work And The Emotional Body

Process #4: Meet Your Inner Protector

Process #5: Relating To Your Emotions And The Emotional Area Of Life

Process #6: Connecting With Your Shadow Through Negotiation With Your Protector

You will receive these process PDFs with articles written by SoulFullHeart Teachers, links to videos/meditations and journaling questions once a week for three weeks each month in your email.  

In addition to the processes, you will have access to our private online forum where you can share your answers to the questions and any digestions of your process that you wish to share, to receive guidance and reflections from Facilitators and connect with other members of PREP as well as the other program, DEEP.


Two Books $15.54 value

Your choice of two of the following books by Jelelle Awen, in PDF format:

  • Under The Bloated Banyan: My Journey From Awakening To Disillusionment Within A High-Demand Group

  • Bliss Mess: The Wonders And Challenges Of Ascension

  • Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through The Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality

  • Keep Waking Up!: Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond

For more about these books, including descriptions, please visit:

What People Are Saying

“I have felt much more peace following the sessions.  I have tried many spiritual teachings over many years, but I can honestly say for me this has been the most powerful at my stage of ascension. I can’t thank the Soulfullheart Community enough for their support on my awakening journey, which is forever in progress.”

– Maria D.

“I spent many hours sitting by the beds of clients as a psych nurse who had to be tied down, or locked up because these ‘crazy’ parts were out of control. Before there was a vocabulary like SoulFullHeart has so amazingly put together for all these parts, there was only the DSM IV for psychiatry, and many other works on shadow by Carl Jung, etc. You are on the cutting edge of changing the entire psychiatric paradigm, because the spiritual was obviously missing from anything in what we call, ‘modern medicine’. Having an awareness of these parts would save many lives, if it was offered soon enough. You really have been giving parts of me a reason to go on because they are being modeled with such ‘real’ love in sessions, so I can do that so much more for myself. I’m so deeply grateful. Lifesaver is an understatement. You make things so clear and they resonate. Years of reading spiritual stuff and so much was distorted that you make so crystal clear. Unwinding this all from a new place. It’s getting so much easier in comparison though!” Kelly K.

“From the reaches of my soul, my mind, my body, and my heart, I am grateful for SoulFullHeart in all that they are. Thanks to their transparency, dedication, heart-open empathy, thanks to their bravely shining essences and devotion to radical realness, I am finally feeling able to find and let in this breath of fresh air that is Love. Theirs is the type of real-deal self-process that falls into one’s lap with Divine timing. For my own sake and for the sake of the world, I am so grateful that I said ‘yes’ and continue saying ‘yes’ to this roller coaster ride into self-acceptance and self-truth. Can’t wait to see where this process takes me, with all its road bumps and airy heights. Here’s to leaving no stone unturned!”

– Magdalene S.

“I am a different person because of SoulFullHeart sessions. I’ve had a transformation from a person that felt and made decisions from a little scared girl’s perspective to a much more confident, stable, secure, strong woman. It is comfortable for me now. The bonus is I actually really like ….love who I am. Much peace resides in me now. I handle relationships and difficult workmates with much more poise & ease.”

– Sue H.

1 Private Soulfullheart Session + 2 months of Soulfullheart PREP Program (6 self-led processes) + 2 books only : $88

Any amount you would like to offer over the discount price is gratefully received by Jelelle & Raphael