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About Raphael & Jelelle Awen:

Note: Raphael and Jelelle prefer to appear on radio shows, summits, and podcasts together. They enjoy to share from the energy of their sacred union and bond formed from many years of serving and teaching together. 

Raphael Awen is a co-leader and creator of this healing path that he and his wife and Sacred Union Soulmate, Jelelle Awen, have brought into the world together. Raphael’s leadership in spirituality began in different Christian denominations that he eventually outgrew in his heart and soul. As he was completing this phase of his life and his relationship to Christianity, he began to inhabit the healing path where he met Jelelle, which completely turned his inner and outer world upside down. This path, called Emotional Body Enlightenment (EBE), offered a refreshing picture of feeling and healing ‘parts’ or subpersonalities alive inside of you and very much offered a new way of being with the self that was empowering and deeply interesting to him. EBE offered a particular picture and approach to ‘parts work’ that Raphael and Jelelle have since adapted in the ongoing creation and re-creation of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Raphael is no stranger to entrepreneurship, as he held a successful and very lucrative painting business for over 30 years. In the last 10 years of his life, since marrying and being in a devoted and catalytic Sacred Union bond with Jelelle, he has inhabited many different life phases, including retiring from his painting business and moving to Mexico and soon to the UK, choosing his soul purpose work over his painting business, and now focusing solely on teaching, space holding, writing and offering this beloved path and way of life that he and Jelelle have created together.

Jelelle Awen is a Yin leader and visionary, who has co-created SoulFullHeart alongside her beloved, Raphael. She was a business coach for E-Myth Worldwide for several dedicated years before choosing to go deeper into the healing path of EBE, where she met Raphael and actually was his facilitator for a while, too! Jelelle was devoted to this work and path for over 5 years before her and Raphael were essentially given an ultimatum to either choose to be apart and stay in the work or choose their relationship and leave. What followed was an intense ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ phase for her and Raphael after choosing to leave this formerly beloved healing path and soul family, where Jelelle awakened to her innate connection with the Divine Mother and her gifts of Yin leadership and facilitation of others. Now, she has been serving others in SoulFullHeart for more than 6 years, in addition to the previous 5 years in EBE and the prior years in E-Myth. Her experience as a leader in these offerings and her discovery and deep feeling of her own ‘parts’ is what has led her to offer what she does in SoulFullHeart with Raphael.

Together, Raphael and Jelelle Awen offer and invite you into a NEW picture of yourself and the universe of YOU, that is filled with genuine love and empowerment, through one-on-one session space with individuals and couples; virtual group calls held online through Zoom; immersive and catalytic group weekends; several self-published books; and many articles and videos.

This work is truly cutting-edge in the sense that their picture and embodiment of what spiritual and emotional healing is, means and can lead to for everyone deeply connected to it and to themselves, is truly embracing of the necessary ‘mess’ within that leads ultimately to more bliss, love and inner Divine connection. Going inward and connecting with parts and Metasoul Aspects (what is often called ‘past lives’ by other spiritual offerings yet in SoulFullheart are considered to be simply ‘other lives’ currently being lived out on other timelines) is what provides the ground for profound inner healing and transformation that translates into the world outside of you. It is a path that embraces going into the shadowy places inside with immense love and the guidance and support of a SoulFullHeart Facilitator who is continuing to do this work inside of themselves, too. It is a way of life that acts as a poultice for all of the parts and Metasoul Aspects within that remain in a battleground scenario, a powerful mirror that helps you to see, feel and ultimately heal what couldn’t be touched before. It is a safety zone for going into the inner terrain that is not often possible to enter on your own and would be challenging to enter without the love and support of someone else who is free of judgement and has been there before.