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The Lightweaver's Package

Package A - Immersion in Light

Includes 5 Activations

  • This series of activations recorded from the February 2017 Retreat consists of the following activations.
  • Kenji’s recordings are evergreen, so they can be used forever with the same benefits.
  • We also suggest drinking water before and after listening to the activations.
  • Do not listen while operating heavy machinery, using power tools, and/or while driving.
  • Please be grounded before driving your car.
  • NOTE: It is recommended you listen to these sessions starting with the first one and in order.
  • Then as you become more in tune with what you are needing choose the waves that feel appropriate in the moment.
  • Please allow yourself the time to let your body accept the energies at a pace that is appropriate for you.
  • Drink sips of water after each meditation, and allow rest and nourishment as needed.

Activation 1: Activate the Light within your body - 37 min 40 sec

  • Experience drawing in the finest vibrations of light while releasing all density, heaviness, stuck points, and feelings that you are weighed down and burdened.
  • Recharge your brain and solar plexus, your power center, with Light from the core of our physical and spiritual sun.
  • Disengage from tribal and familial consciousness, as well as present day global confusion and fear, while opening to clarity and Oneness with the Light.

Activation 2: Move into a Theta-Gamma State - 23 min 5 sec

  • In a theta state, you can create everything and change reality instantly.
  • Gamma waves are associated with bursts of insight and high-level information processing.
  • Through opening the back of your throat chakra and moving into oneness with your breath and the Light from above, you will move into a theta-gamma state.
  • In this state, you will connect with your personal Divine healing team and your Guardian Angel.
  • You will learn how to have a 2 way communication with your Guardian Angel.
  • You will also experience spontaneous healing and physical rejuvenation.

Activation 3: Magnetize and Energize What you Seek in Your Life - 33 min 36 sec

  • In this activation we call forth the star constellations and anchor into the inner earth kingdoms you are aligned with.
  • We also connect with the Ancients from Sedona allowing you to experience the power of the magnetic vortex energies.
  • Activate the still point of your heart and open portals to the angelic realm and to your guides. In this state of enhanced awareness, you connect with the energy of all you seek, and the wisdom and insight of the next steps to be taken. 

Activation 4: The Breath of Life: Integration of Activations 1-3 - 30 min 43 sec

  • Experience an energetic download of the first 3 activations into your spinal column where these activations are stored and become readily available to your newly reset brain as needed.
  • Through exercise of specific breathing patterns you will merge with the Universe and experience breathing in oneness with your guides, angels, masters and all divinity as the breath of life moves in, through and as you.
  • In this experience of oneness with the breath of life, all misperceptions of the self as distinct and separate from the Universe are released as you experience the quantum state.

Activation 5: Full Immersion Into the Light - 20 min 46 sec

  • Everything received in the first 4 activations is integrated and balanced.
  • Clarity on how to integrate these activations into divine balance and harmony as you move forward is received.
  • Truth and light are awakened in all 17 power points of the body. The sun chakra (just above the navel) is activated and a connection to the Great Central Sun is opened.
  • Become a perfect channel for the soul and the I AM presence.
  • Harmony and balance is brought into the original 8 cells at the base of the spine empowering self-correction and a reset of your physical body to its original state of health and longevity.
  • Connect with your healing team and receive feedback on where you are in your ascension process and how best to use the energy of these activations to move you forward into all you are here to be, do, have and create.

Package A - Immersion in Light

Price: $97

Value $250


Package B - The Joy of Awakening


Healing Through Joy

The Joy of Awakening - Includes 5 Activations + 1 Bonus Activation

  • The Joy to Awakening Summit is a series of highly vibrational meditations activated by calling forth the ancestors that have done ceremony in the magical land of Sedona to bring forth the drums of rebirth, the drums of resurrection, the song of nature in its rebirth into a new Earth.
  • Wherever you are physically, you can allow these vibrations of the Earth combined with the pure Source energy, The I AM, Christos, to activate in and around your body to create balancing and support of your internal process for awakening to your original essence, signature vibration.
  • Kenji Kumara guides you in this 5-part series to make way for transformation of your Divine blue print, strengthening the connection between your conscious self and your soul, and to set a new intention of how you want your life to be from this new point of view, and to experience an awakening of tremendous joy within you.
  • The body may have a reaction to these activations, be aware this is normal and you may need extra rest and nourishment.
  • This series also includes a bonus of the Sedona Hiking Activation.
  • Listen to it and receive, as though you are physically sensing the exhilaration of, the energies of the Sedona Rocks.
  • Allowing the sounds, vibrations and Source energy from these spiritual meditations to move you into the Quantum field of Oneness, you can match your frequency to the Chakra system that overlays the major vortex areas or you can look at it like a Tree of Life imposed around the sacred sites in and around Sedona. Either with the Tree of Life or with the Chakra system, which will affect the power points that overlay your physical body, you can allow yourself to feel the electromagnetic current, from the Earth and the Ancients.
  • You will be invited to revisit your council on the inner planes, review your lesson plan for this lifetime, your lifetime’s projects, goals, opportunities, conditioning from ancestors, DNA, patterns from ancestors; positive, negative and neutral.
  • You will be invited to release energies that are not yours, and come to a place where you can move from making decisions to “creating choices.”
  • Activating the Divine spark of light within, you may tap into your inherent skills you came to use in this lifetime, abilities, talents, and gifts that you planned to use, you may also recall how you came to choose your life, your challenges, your condition and how your spiritual guides talents and how your team was assigned to your lifetime.
  • As you purify and cleanse and accept powerful balancing energies, calibrating new levels of awareness with each listen to these activations, you will be better prepared to experience resurrection, and greater abundance, new creative choices… more harmony… intelligence… humor… Divine guidance… and an “Awakening to Joy” greater than you imagined possible.
  • Awakening to new miracles around you and the incredible feelings of joy in each present moment.

NOTE: It is recommended you listen to these sessions starting with the first one and in order. Then as you become more in tune with what you are needing choose the waves that feel appropriate in the moment.

  • Please allow yourself the time to let your body accept the energies at a pace that is appropriate for you.
  • Drink sips of water after each meditation, and allow rest and nourishment as needed.
  • Kenji’s recordings are evergreen, so they can be used forever with the same benefits.
  • We also suggest drinking water before and after listening to the activations.
  • Do not listen while operating heavy machinery, using power tools, and/or while driving.
  • Please be grounded before driving your car or operating machinery.

Activation 1: Ground and Expand - 37 min 40 sec

  • To begin this Joy of Awakening Journey, ground yourself in the earth through your feet.
  • Imagine drawing in the Red Rock healing energy.
  • Feel what it’s like to walk the land in the desert among the Red Rocks as an ancient Earth Walker.
  • Call in the power of the land to support you and heal you.
  • Open and draw in the expansive powerful energy of the sky and the wind.
  • Clear the clutter within and free yourself.
  • Begin the journey to heal, shift and move your life to the next level, to joy .

Activation 2: Healing Your Past - 23 min 5 sec

  • Engage the breath to relax your brain waves and draw in the energies from the heavens.
  • Relax deeply and let the 4 pillars of light and the Red Rocks support you.
  • Call in the Council of Light, your divine team in this life, as you heal your past, clear your energy field and are spiritually reborn and resurrected.

Activation 3: Deepen the Journey - 33 min 36 sec

  • Release ancient ancestral energies and collective grief and sorrow.
  • Allow the light to clear calcified, frozen, dense energy stored in your physical body.
  • Call forth your spiritual lineage, the guardians of the Red Rocks and sacred geometric forms and structures of eternal peace to heal your inner child.
  • Reset the original 8 cells at the base of your neck to the vibration of divine harmony, peace and oneness.
  • Become fully present in the NOW moment, breathe in pure consciousness and align your vibration directly with your divinity. 

Activation 4: Connect with the Light of Joy - 30 min 43 sec

  • Breathe into the still point behind your heart-space and detach from tribal consciousness, your emotional body and your intellect.
  • Breathe into your own knowingness and connect directly with your soul.
  • Turn up the light of your soul, complete all that remains undone in this life and connect with your full potential.
  • Reset your magnetic field, spinal column, nervous system and endocrine system to the time prior to the illusion of the fall of man from the Garden of Eden.
  • Receive downloads of new geometric codes that override this old programming and reconstruct your ability to act consciously and from your freewill.
  • Heal with Divine Mother Consciousness and merge with your Soul.
  • Forgive all and draw in the light of compassion for self and others.
  • Become one with the light of joy and the wonder of life. 

Activation 5: Reprogram and Awaken to Joy- 20 min 46 sec

  • Draw in electromagnetic currents from the Red Rocks and the earth.
  • Call in the power of the ancients, the natives and indigenous people and disconnect from all vibrations from 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd and 4 th dimensions.
  • Merge with the quantum field and open the Akashic records to access data about any physical conditions that no longer serve and options to treat and clear.
  • Call in the energetic frequency of joy into the area of concern and the entire physical body.
  • Use all of your senses to draw joy into the brain.
  • Breathe in miracles from the soul level.
  • Complete the reprogramming and awaken fully to a state of flow. 

Bonus Activation: Vortex Hike - 28 min 13 sec

  • After experiencing the energizing presence of the highest vision for your life, Kenji brings us full circle!
  • A sense of true peace and gratitude sustains in our being, not only from the blessings received in this activation, but also from the joy of giving.
  • We complete the meditation by sending gratitude and light back to our ancients, back to the symbol of the Raven, and to Mother earth, while we affirm the density in the earth and hearts of all, be lifted.




What is Joy?

How does it manifest in our lives?

What are the healing effects of Joy as we bring that vibration into our body?

How does Joy relate to knowledge?

To love?

To compassion?

To forgiveness?

And why Joy?

  • These and other questions will be addressed in these spontaneous transmissions from the Oneness, from the One Field, from the Presence.
  • We are going through a tremendous transformation of consciousness, of mind, of emotions and of our physical body.
  • All systems in this world are going through a metamorphosis, a changing of the guard, a re-setting and re-formation of concepts, attitudes and belief systems onto the next level of evolution, both physical and spiritual.
  • As a collective body of consciousness, we are beginning to tap into the realm we call “miracles and blessings”.
  • We are getting glimpses of the para-normal, peak experiences, conscious altered states of consciousness, near death experience, out of body travel, speaking in tongues, extrasensory perception, gifts of the holy spirit kinds of experiences.
  • The paranormal will become the new normal.
  • What people called weird and crazy, will become our quantum normal.
  • These one hour activations will cover many levels and depths of your consciousness and body structures.
  • The waves of Joy will penetrate as deep as you allow, and we will practice the art of surrender and letting go in these intensive classes.
  • Each class will build upon the others, so you will get an on-going cumulative effect according to your belief and trust in yourself.

Healing Through Joy - Includes 4 Classes with Activations

In class #1, we will move into the area of the physical-etheric body: psychic and energetic “bodywork”: deep tissue work, connective-tissue work, etheric movement therapy and energetic and vibrational healing. We will begin to re-set the brain and endocrine system back to original divine blueprint of Joy – 57 min 50 sec

In class #2, we will explore the layers of the emotional body: “energetic holding patterns”, stuck points, trauma and pain points, de-stressing the limbic system and the connection with the sacred heart. We will begin to un-layer the unconscious in order to bring it to full consciousness of the Joy vibration –  55 min 30 sec

In class #3 , we will go into the mental body and the psychological patterns related to the mind and the thinking process: habits, imprinting, conditioning, survival mechanisms, brain function and the nervous system. We will begin to re-pattern the mental processes back to divine balance and the field of Joy –  57 min 02 sec

In class #4, we will journey in the soul body and your divine blueprints. Having done much clearing and releasing in classes #1, 2 and 3, we are now ready to access the akashic records and your living library of knowledge. We will align with your essential core of Joy-Love and begin to integrate it in the 4 lower bodies – 56 min 44sec

We ask you to keep a Power Journal of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, insights, realizations and ah-ha moments. This will assist in your integration process. Much will arise from this intensive, so it is best to keep your journal handy. We suggest also that your daily meditations and quiet time can include the current topics of the class so you can deepen your experience of the unconscious.

The truth shall set you free. Your natural state is Joy, for with Joy comes the power of Love and Compassion.

It is time NOW to manifest the Power and to be the Kingdom Within.

Package B - The Joy of Awakening

PLUS BONUS - Healing Through Joy

Price: $144

Value $361


Package C - Joyful Soul Immersion Sedona Retreat Package


Joy to the World 3-Part Online Series

Joyful Soul Immersion Sedona Retreat Package - Includes 14 Activations

  • Enjoy a journey into the soul of your deepest inner being to activate, heal and transfer a new code of light energy that both awakens and evolves your life to the next level.
  • As you open up to this new frequency body-mind-and-spirit come together as one to share in a joyful harmony that naturally connects you to the greatest power of the Universe ~ Love.

Key #1: Foundation - 40 min 54 sec

  • A powerful activation to become fully present to your body, the moment and your environment:
  • Kenji guides you to feel the power and light within, connect with your guides and chakra system to heal and restore your body.

Key #2: Emotional Release - 14 min 32 sec

  • Learn how to connect with yourself and clients to release emotional energy and come back into harmony within your body, mind and spirit.
  • Infinite love helps to bring clarity and peace through this process. A true gift for yourself and others…

Key #3: Balance & Harmony - 21 min 38 sec

  • Discover how to balance and harmonize your energy with higher dimensions of light.
  • Explore your ability to protect yourself wherever you go.
  • Feel yourself cocooned in light and the balance of both hemispheres of your brain.

Key #4: Divine Love - 15 min 39 sec

  • Discover a secret to healing with a powerful technique that connects you with infinite love to heal and transform.
  • Through the guidance of Kenji’s process you can meet your guides, angels and personal guidance team for support throughout your life.

Key #5: Original Reiki Attunement - 30 min 52 sec

  • Access the original form of Reiki transmission through a guided visualization that takes you back to Tibet and ancient downloads of this sacred energy for empowerment and for the re-set of your divine blueprint.

Key 6: Blue Buddha Initiation 21 min 29 sec

  • The powerful energy of Buddha can calm the mind and bring healing to the body.
  • The transmission of “Blue Buddha” is used for healing others and has a profound difference in helping you and others reach their natural state of harmony, clarity and balance.

Key #7: 42 min 58 sec

  • A clearing and release process to let go of any distracting energies and bring you into full body relaxation.
  • As the negative energies release, new space is created for your soul to evolve and for new inspirations to form!

Key #8: 9 min 57 sec + 9 min 42 sec

  • From the infinite space of oneness, create the opening from within to receive new relationships, prosperity, greater happiness.
  • A beautiful release of old energies to be replaced with the new.
  • From the infinite space of oneness, create the opening from within to receive new relationships, prosperity, greater happiness.
  • A beautiful release of old energies to be replaced with the new.
  • This process can be shared with a partner and used as a healing technique.

Key #9: 22 min 13 sec

  • Experience hands of healing for others to experience oneness ~ for you to expand into the sensation within yourself of being connected to everyone and everything… relax to the wisdom within.
  • Special frequency of energy downloads to heal trauma, pain and chaos.

Key #10: 29 min 02 sec

  • Preparing to invite the illumination of your soul’s light in… a deep relaxation into surrender and the presence of your soul group.
  • A deep release of distracting energies, negativity, and unsupportive beliefs to be replaced with clarity.

Key #11: Standing Wave Healing Technique 26 min 30 sec

  • A hands on healing technique to transfer light energy – this energy of Grace naturally moves through the body to heal and transform, moving each part of the body into alignment with this higher frequency.

Key #12: Preparing The Way 10 min 13 sec

  • An opening into your heart, body and mind to create space for your soul’s essence and emergence into more light…
  • Grounding body into the earth calling in the archangels and Saint Germain to cleanse and purify.
  • This activation is to prepare for the soul activation. 

Key #13: 54 min 4 sec

  • A soul activation to come into alignment with your Highest Self and ability to access deeper wisdom, insights, and guidance.
  • Meet your special soul initiation guide and receive guidance for the next steps of your journey.

Post Activation Recording 27 min 30 sec

  • An energetic review of the 5 days of presentations, activations and healing techniques.
  • The protocol of feeling the energies, receiving them, integrating them and embodying them is the goal.
  • This activation will synthesize the students experience, including their hikes in the red rocks.



What is Possible?

  • Each one of us has a common seeking, we all search of health, peace, knowledge, prosperity, harmony and overall a happy and blissful life in all parts of our life and in all situations.
  • Each and every person strives hard to achieve this state but can this really be achieved? Yes, this can be achieved, all this is possible!
  • How Does it Work? Energy and the quantum: The cosmic energy exists everywhere it is the space between everything and keeps the cosmos together, it is the life force and is essential to keep the order of our life and expand our consciousness.
  • It is the base of all of our actions and our functions.
  • We receive this cosmic quantum energy multiple ways some of which are in deep sleep and deep silence.
  • If we limit ourselves from fully receiving this energy we may not be sufficient and may feel exhausted and leads to stress and illness, the way to overcome this is to get more cosmic energy and expansive consciousness and fill yourself with JOY.
  • Abundant cosmic quantum energy is achieved through meditation and with Kenji’s guidance he makes it seem simple and obtainable in our own unique way.

● enhanced power of your body, mind and intellect

● provides abundant energy

● opens up to your 6th sense and beyond being and feeling relaxed, healthy and happy

● reach greater heights in the physical realm

Meditation with Kenji is nothing but a journey of our consciousness towards the self.

  • You will transcend your perceived limitations as you experience your primary essence of Being, becoming more presently focused and living life more fully with miracles occurring daily!
  • Now that is Joy to the World!
  • Are YOU ready to discover the power of you, connect to the energy and vibrations of your masters, guides, healing teams, soul group and Guardian Angel?
  • Kenji will catapult you into the next level of manifested abundance and endless possibilities.
  • You will learn that you already have everything you need within you and easily and effortlessly be guided to your knowing to your joy.

In this Activation Series you WILL ...

Receive the gift of joyful awakening

● Experience deep inner peace and serenity

● Align with your soul’s purpose and access your inner knowing

Live your joy and inspiration as you trust life

● Ignite your inner healer, experience spontaneous healing with your family and generational lineage

● Improve your relationships and attract the people who will help you manifest your joyful reality

This includes 3 Activations

Package C - Joyful Soul Immersion Sedona Retreat


Joy to the World 3-Part Online Series

Price: $297

Value $847