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Life Magick Digital Program

The Life you ordered has arrived!

This 108-day program is designed to remove patterns from your past that sabotage your growth and happiness. It connects you with your inner core to assist you in finding your Life Path, making each day one of joy and fulfilment

The Life Magick program contains structured, visualisation enchantments intended to influence our subconscious mind. In this way, they strengthen our resolve to work toward achieving what we desire. Designed to give you a look into the world of magic and see yourself through new eyes. Life Magick contains ritual from old folklore traditions, formed from Laura’s own personal experiences and her interactions with a large family of clients. We are all capable of creating the life we want. Life Magick accelerates you and moves you to the next level. 

Life Magick utilises the following keys:

Intention – Intention is the key element. 

What do you want?

Laura teaches you to be clear and careful. 

Ask and the door will open. 

Getting clear in your intention will give you insight into your life. 

Breathing – most people do not take the time to breathe properly, or actually know how. 

Meditation – If you focus on your heart for a few minutes a day you will establish a deeper relationship with your inner wisdom and feel better and more relaxed. 

Visualization – The deepest part of your imagination is an untapped resource. Learn to harness it’s power. In countless studies, scientists have proven that you can actually have a conversation with your body; in turn, it talks to your brain, which then directs your nervous system’s response. 

The more you send positive messages, the more you will manifest positive experiences. Visualization serves as a means to transmit these messages. 

All of these abilities are within each of us. When you combine the Life Magick program with these keys , amazing results are achieved. 

Package A – $297

Payment Plan available – 3 x Payments of $99


Package B

Divine Blessings From Gaia - Live Channelling Event

Package A – $297

Payment Plan available – 3 x Payments of $99

Do you feel stuck in old patterns?

Would you like to find out more about how to utilize the Earth energy for manifestation and healing?

Join Laura for an intimate online event where she will channel Gaia and offer an opportunity for participants to ask questions. 

If you are ready to release and open to your higher self, this event is for YOU. Gaia will give simple, pure answers to help you find practical ways to make changes!

Package B – $79