Linda Jarrett – Sacred stories from the Heart


Linda Jarrett - Overcoming her Greatest Challenges

Personal Loss

My spiritual journey began when I was 24 years old. This was when I started to become Clairvoyant due to the consequence of a personal loss, which was the catalyst for great change in my life.

I lost my second child a baby, aged 8 months old called Melanie. This was an awful shock to me as no-one in my family had died and I thought these things only happened to other people.

Soon afterwards doors opened for me to connect with the many Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Earth Guides and Celestial Beings. It was as if something very precious had been taken from me for my own learning.

I was then given the gift of inner vision, clairvoyance.

My life had now changed and would never be the same again.

I found myself thinking of the meaning of life, and after many years of searching, reading books, attending spiritual workshops and courses.

I realized that we ultimately return to source from where we came, so our journey here is all about Love.

The lesson here is to Believe in Life after Death.

Relationship Challenges

I am baring myself in truth and honesty, when I say that I believe and understand the greatest tests and challenges can be from our own partners and families.

I am married for the 4th time. Each time I felt as if I was going through a shift, a rebirth and each time my surname changed so my vibration changed.

 In each marriage I was with a partner who did not understand my spirituality.

My first husband even threw my first pack of tarot cards across the floor, thinking they were connected to dark energy.

I think each relationship challenge can help us to be a better person.

After my second marriage I went through a difficult time financially as I became bankrupt, this taught me to loose all attachment to all material things.

I am now happily married to a lovely man who is also very spiritual who I will stay with for the rest of my days.

The lesson was to Trust Surrender and Accept.

Mother Challenges

I felt so alone in the world, my mother bless her, who is still alive and resides in a nursing home was never what I call a proper Mum.

She is someone who really probably should not have had children, but clearly I chose her to be my mother for her un-motherly qualities.

It was sad for me to realise at the tender age of 14 years old, when I met my friends mother that my mother was not motherly at all!

It came as quite a shock at the time.

My mother never sat down and listened to me, or show any interest in me, or played with me as a child, or tried to help me with my school studies, she was always strict and thought of herself.

As I got older I was determined in life to be the complete opposite of her.

I realised that from being young I always saw Divine Mother as being my real mother.

The lesson was to realise Divine Mother