Magenta Pixie

Thursday 22nd February 6pm  GMT/10.00 PT/11:00 MT/ 12:00 CT/ 13:00 ET
Magenta Pixie has been in communication with a collective group of ‘light beings’ or a ‘higher self aspect’ since 1993. She affectionately refers to these beings as ‘The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine’ or simply ‘The Nine’.

Regular meditation and a journey of synchronicity within her own life led to this awakening and connection.

Magenta releases her messages from ‘The Nine’ in video form on YouTube. Since releasing her first message in 2008, she has attracted over 50,000 subscribers.

She has worked individually with clients all over the world and is the author of Masters of the Matrix and Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template, channelled books teaching individuals – particularly starseeds and lightworkers – to find their own sovereignty through the understanding of their own energy system.

Her passion is helping people to move through trauma, embrace the ‘enlightenment and ascension path’ and find their own connection with creativity, divinity and joy.

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