Welcome to the Enlightened Loveheart & Soul Community

Welcome to the Enlightened Loveheart & Soul Show a sacred portal into your Heart & Soul to ENLIGHTEN - EXPAND & EVOLVE You

It’s a real honor and pleasure for you to join us in opening your heart and sharing your beautiful light with our Enlightened Loveheart & Soul Community. 

This transformational show is brought to you from the heart bringing you love, light, high vibrations and transformations.

Our show features some of the world’s renowned heart centred, high vibrational spiritual luminaries, healers & teachers from around the world to open your Heart, Enlighten your Heart & Soul, Expand you into Higher Consciousness and Evolve you. 

The purpose of this group is to develop a higher trust that you have everything you desire within – the kingdom of divine frequencies of divinity are within. To activate the abundant flow is to tune in feel and embody this completely and then radiate this out in the highest way. By doing this in your life you will know, see and feel that you are the Source and no one or anything is your Source of the abundant flow of divine love and light. 

Joining together each week in unity consciousness raises your vibration of divine love within and the vibration of love, light and consciousness in the world. This is a divine loving path to enlightenment and divinity. 

It is with deep heartfelt gratitude that I thank you for becoming a member of our loving heart centred ever expanding global community. Please spread the word with anyone whom you feel would benefit from these high vibrational transformational shows. 

May you receive great value from listening and participating in these shows and may your heart and soul be truly enlightened and expand into higher consciousness, higher vibrations and mastery. 

With Infinite Love & Light to you

Crystalline Diamondloveheart
Crystalline Diamond Love-Light Channel,
Spiritual Luminary
Loveheart & Soul Alchemist & Host of the Enlightened Loveheart & Soul Show 


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