Ana-La-Rai – Special Offer

Package A

6 one hour sessions from Messages from The Enlightened Ones Series 3,4 & 5.  These were lived channelled and bring through processes, information and vibrations for all who listen.
  • Lord Melchizedek on “Opening to Oneness”
  • Lady Laticia on “The Power of Silence”
  • The Venusian Rainbow Sparkles on “Exploding in Love”
  • Merlin on “The Power of Magic”
  • Arcturian High Council on “A Journey to the Heart of All That is”
  • Lord Maitreya on “Living a Life you Love”

Special Offer A - $99


Package B

Special Offer B includes Package A + a 30 min Personal Reading with Ana-La-Rai + a Live Group Healing Session

All of special offer A plus a 30 minute personal reading with Ana-La-Rai.   The readings will be done via telephone for those in North America and via Skype for all others.  They can be booked through her website according to her availability
Attend a Group Healing session live with Archangel Raphael, Dr Lorphan and another enlightened guest. Move into the healing vortex to receive or shift energies. 

Receive the November 2017 recorded full moon session where you create your own personal integration chamber for use all of 2018 to assist you with the changing energies.
Receive January 1st 2018 full moon recording where you create a platform of “unlimited” for yourself!

Special Offer B - $190


Payment Plan Available - 2 x payments of $95

To choose to pay via a Payment Plan please click PAYMENT PLAN on the payment page to pay in 2 payments of $95