Crystalline Goldenhart

Crystalline is the founder and host of the Enlightened Loveheart & Soul Show has committed her life to enlightening, enriching and helping to evolve others. She created the show to unite people in opening and expanding their hearts, consciousness and raise  the vibration of Love, Light & Consciousness on the planet.

Crystalline is a Diamond Love-Light Channel, Loveheart & Soul Alchemist embodies and works with the golden crystalline diamond light encoded frequencies and codes which are high vibrational frequencies to align you with your personal crystalline diamond grid and new divine template. 

She is committed to staying in vibrational alignment with her Soul Essence and divine template, high frequencies of love, light, truth and integrity. 

She brings forth divine transmissions from the heart encoded with the highest love, light and truth. 

Crystalline is a divine channel of sacred light language that activates, attunes and recalibrate the heart and soul

As a Crystalline Diamond Love-Light Channel she is able to tune in deeply to your heart to reveal its deepest truths, clear core trauma imprints, upgrade its frequency, activate a new divine blueprint for your heart and vibrationally align you with your divine Soul Essence. 

Her work also includes clearing core birth trauma imprints, activating rebirth of the true Divine You and creating a new divine birth blueprint. 

The crystalline diamond light frequencies she holds within her soul also helps to clear vows, sacred contracts and soul agreements to create new ones in vibrational alignment with your Soul Essence. This activates a new divine template to live your life in accordance with your Soul’s Essence and Path. 

When you are in vibrational alignment with your Soul and Divine Template then you are in divine flow with abundance, love, grace, freedom, wealth and bliss. 

She works worldwide with people, love and honors her work and gifts.  

With Infinite Love & light
Crystalline Goldenhart