Debbi Adams – Divine Offerings

Divine Offerings

Do you long to be connected with a loved one who has passed  on?

Would you like to receive messages from a relative or friend on the other side?

If you’re curious about the afterlife and want to learn more about the life of the soul and the multi-dimensional aspects of your being, you will want to be on this call.

Debbi has used her divine gifts to connect with loved ones on the other side to gain valuable information or simply to communicate and know all is well.

If you have questions about your history or previous generations or genealogy, Debbi helped her brother answer genealogy questions and even spoke Gaelic from an Irish ancestor, a language she isn’t familiar with. She helped an author connect with her ancestors, the early American settlers, and one client connected with eight separate relatives in one session to receive healing and insight.

If you have important communication or unfinished business to complete with someone who has made their transition, join us on this call! 

Debbi has shared her multi-dimensional gifts of divine knowing to help bring peace, connection, love, healing and resolution to those who are grieving or left distressed with unanswered questions.

If you’re interested in the life of the soul and the other side beyond the veil, the mysterious afterlife dimensions, join us as we explore from the human to the divine.

Debbi also works with pet connections and the rainbow bridge.

Death is not the opposite of life. Life has no opposite. Death is the opposite of birth. Eckhart Tolle


“Debbi is my go to person when I need to hear from the angels. She communicated with my deceased mother and brought powerful healing that allowed me to let go and feel great peace. Her meditations and channeled messages are profound, other worldly and always spot on! Goose bumps! I can’t recommend her enough. You must connect with her.”

~ Jill Lublin, International speaker and author, master strategist on publicity and getting noticed


Dr. Rev. Debbi Adams is a gifted soul reader, divine healer, therapeutic medium, higher consciousness coach and heart-centered teacher. She was a presenter at IANDS (The International Association of Near Death Studies) 2012 Conference on afterlife communication and the bonds of love that connect us through all time-space dimensions.  She has shared after-life communication with loved ones seeking to connect with the other side for over 20 years. She is a professional in the death and dying field working as a Chaplain on an Alzheimer-Dementia unit. She created ‘The Journey Home’ training to bring compassionate awareness to the sacred transition we call death. She has been called into difficult circumstances such as missing persons’ cases, murder and suicide. Debbi shares a holistic and comprehensive view that incorporates many wisdom teachings, real life stories, and current mind-body research. As a grounded mystic, she has experienced OBE’s (out of body experience), precognition, prophetic dreaming and cosmic consciousness.

Debbi has been called a Lightworker, Earth Angel, Saint, Medicine Woman, Spiritual Midwife and enlightened by shamans, healers and her clients.



Divine Offering 1

1 x 25 minute personal session to connect with a loved one $80

Price: $80

25 min Personal Session

Divine Offering 2

1 x 50 minute personal session to connect with a loved one. Can connect with more than one as time allows –  $144

Price: $144

50 min Personal Session

Divine Offering 3

Communication from Beyond Class: A 2 hour experiential class to open your intuitive channels to receiving messages – practical tips, guided meditation, valuable resources, channeling messages, Q&A. Limited to 20 attendees on September 8th 1-3 pm PDT. Will be recorded and link sent out. 

Price: $45

Communication From Beyond Class