Dipal Shah


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Dipal Shah is an international speaker, Master healer, Transformational Teacher and Medical Intuit. From a pharmaceutical, biochemistry, and business background, she has transformed her life from an often stressful career on a path that brought her to an awakened spiritual journey of healing. Through her journey she not only learned to heal herself, but to bring awakening and healing energy to thousands of lives around the world.
Her private sessions and programs touches the foundation of the body, psychological and physical levels and bring awakening and healing energy to her clients. She uses a special energetic technique for healing and balancing every organ, gland, and system in the body. She connects to the body as a whole and address any miss-alignments along the Hara Line which is her specialty. She dives deep within the body to release and dissipate any emotional and physical blockages.
Dipal’s mission is to help you heal and release the energies that hold you back from discovering and achieving your true purpose in life.
Her life’s motto is: “Balance your body, balance your mind, and the rest of life will align.”