Doc Starz

Doc Starz

Doc Starz has been a leading underground Researcher and Developer of Frequency Science for the last 8 years. Inspired by an experience of brilliant sudden awakening while strolling down an average city street in Vancouver, Canada in 2001. Don was at the time unknowingly propelled into a passionate, hopeful and uncompromising journey of scientific research and study for the next 8 years, in an attempt to capture the brilliant electric blue white light space of true inner refuge that was revealed to him. 

He began his studies, primarily interested in Wave Phenomenon, Field Effects and their influence on Human Behaviour and Consciousness. In his research process, he developed a number of mathematical tools and scientific systems to help stimulate and steer mental, emotional and physical process towards desirable states of internal health. One of the primary tools or mechanisms he developed seems to astonishingly be able to offset and neutralise the adverse effects of celestial bodies or negative astrological influences on humans. 

He has been able to identify their field affects and the sounds they make, of which henceforth the Sound of Stars was born. Through hard-won breakthroughs and discovers, Don has been able to in parallel time al so identify the precise geometry of auspicious mind-body-heart-spiritu states and converted them into geometric maps. 

Through blending the sound maps of desired states as as the desired energetic vibration of celestial influences of the Sound of Stars, he has finally developed Acoustic Frequencies that may inspire healing (FRQ) that aptly represent the inner and outer entrainment it would take to shift a person into an Optimal Level of Harmonic Holistic Resonance. 

Samples of Music of the Stars

Greatest Challenges Overcome

Believing and discovering that real solutions that work in a measurable way can be found outside of the mainstream framework