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Wisdom of the Masters Series – Twin flame connection
Open to your feminine and masculine twin flames and experience mergence in your heart
Nearly 6 hours of audio recordings, (7 audios in all) plus 7 written transcripts to read and a 44-page E book.

Total Value: $199
Special Offer Price: $70


Love - feminine code
  • FEMININE HEART - Love and Light Meditation : Audio MP3 25 mins to open you to the Love and Light within your Heart
  • FEMININE HEART - Connecting to Divine Source : Audio MP3 2 hours 25 mins + written transcript - Masters Lady Sara and Lady Portia assist you to open to your Divine connection
  • FEMININE HEART - Honour the Self : Audio MP3 1 hour and 49 mins + written transcript - Masters Quan Yin and Mary Magdalene offer a wisdom teacher and activation to support you to honour yourself


  • MASCULINE HEART - Open to Gratitude and Forgiveness : Audio MP3 27 mins = written transcript - St Germain teaches us how to find gratitude and forgiveness
  • MASCULINE HEART - Let go Limitation : Audio MP2 28 mins _ written transcript - Lord Kuthumi speaks to us about our limitations and blocks and the importance of letting them go
  • MASCULINE HEART - The Way Forward : Audio MP3 37 mins + written transcript - Lord Sananda shows us where to step as we move forward in life
  • MASCULINE HEART - Align your Will and discover Your Potential : Audio MP3 54 mins + written transcript - Master El Rosa speaks to us about the power of aligning our free will with divine will to reach our highest potential in life


  • WISDOM OF THE MASTER SERIES - Book of Love : Ebook 44 pages - The Ascended Masters offer wisdom teachings to support us to understand the power of love in our lives + questions and answers about things you have always wanted to ask


Thank you Ishtar. The awareness I have opened myself to with the experience of this course is limitless. I am open now to being more of who I am – much less fear – and much more empowerment. What an amazing gift this course has been – much gratitude.

Alison Ramsay, Australia

The program offers such an amazing structure and foundation, teaching us to ground our pillar, allow ourselves to receive, to trust ourselves and really expand our consciousness. It really helped me to work more consciously with my aspects, and the masters.  The tools and lessons provided will serve me throughout my life.  

Amaraya Kilana Rose, USA

After many years of doing different spiritual work with many teachers, I am so grateful to have found Ishtar and the Open To Channel School. It has been the most complete and truly amazing experience for me. I feel lighter, happier and more spiritually grounded than ever before. I now have a greater connection to all that I am, and to the Masters and I would highly recommend this course to anyone. With gratitude.

Lily de Chalain, Sydney, Australia

I wanted to express my deep love and gratitude for you.  The work I have done with you is a miracle.

Lila, Geneva


As I am walking through the path of Love and discovering your beautiful and powerful work with the book of lessons, meditations and tools, I would like to THANK YOU for this gift which enables me to learn more every day on who I am and where do I come from. Moreover, the lessons bring me knowledge of so many subjects I did not know about, it  is really fun. It changes my life. THANK YOU.

Nicole Milton, Geneva, Switzerland

Thank you so much for your beautiful words of encouragement and enlightenment. I cried upon reading your message to me. I cannot express in words my gratitude for this work, for you and my guides, and for everyone doing this work at this time. Not only will it assist each one of us to vibrate and live to our highest good and fullest potential, but the changes it will make to the energy on our earth is immeasurable. Thank you so much for all these blessings and may you continue to be an inspiration that leads many to creating a world full of love, joy, peace, health and happiness for all!

Michele Renee Echevarria, USA

Special Offer: Only $70