Jelelle & Raphael Awen – Sacred Stories From the Heart



Challenges in Self Love

Challenge: Embracing ALL Parts Of Ourselves to Experience Flowing and Consistent Self Love and Self Worth Even When “Others” Judge You

Over and over, both Raphael and Jelelle have had to make choices from a growing place of love for ALL aspects of themselves and especially those in ‘shadow’ or those that could be judged. One example for Raphael is deciding to leave Christianity after spending most of his life deeply involved in it. He decided to complete a 23 year marriage and had two nearly grown daughters to consider as well. He eventually ended up taking space from and setting boundaries with all of those previously in his life connected to Christianity. This decision was lovingly negotiated with parts of him that were attached to his previous life and to Christianity itself, both those from this life and Metasoul aspects as well. He had to embrace the ‘shadow’ places in him that judged his decision to leave that were being represented in the judgements coming to him from others. This allowed him increasing clarity and a sense of self-love experience even WITH judgements from others.

Jelelle faced a similar challenge with her birth family, and especially her relationship with her birth mother. They had ups and downs together and, overall, a lack of resonance on the soul grounds and toxicity/abuse patterns between them. Jelelle eventually decided to complete contact with her mother several years ago in order to more fully embrace the loving grounds that were being offered by the Divine Mother to water a deeper sense of self love inside her. She then embraced her ‘inner mother’ rather than resist, push away, or judge this part of herself. This inner relationship allowed for no ‘charge’ or self-punishment to come in around the relationship or her choices.

Relationship Challenges & Finding Your Beloved

Challenge: To feel and continue to heal our inner sacred unions in order to draw and be in an ‘outer’ sacred union

Raphael and Jelelle were both intimately involved with a spiritual group for a few years, which is where they met and learned about parts work process. When they started dating after a few years of knowing each other within the group, they were asked to stop dating each other (due to codependence perceived in their connection) or they needed to leave the group. Due to the inner work that they had both done to come into sacred union within between their inner masculine and feminine aspects, they were able to leave the group together and choose the wondrous love and connection that their bond offered. This meant the loss of previous soul family friends and Jelelle’s income-earning vocation through the group. Jelelle shares the full story of this experience of falling in love with Raphael after some intense and tumultuous relationship experiences and of being in a high-demand group in her book, “Under The Bloated Banyan”, which is available here:

Overcoming Financial Challenges & Becoming Abundant

Challenge: To negotiate with parts of ourselves to truly feel TRUST that all our needs will be taken care of

In fall of 2014, Raphael and Jelelle left the Vancouver, Canada area and relocated to Mexico to purchase land on a remote ranch there. They left behind Raphael’s solid money-earning painting contractor business and lived on a dwindling nest egg for 18 months with no electricity or internet service and more sheep around than people! They also had to cross a sometimes dangerous river to reach the road where they drove two hours to reach the nearest town for grocery shopping and internet connection. They learned to enjoy the gifts that come from organic gardening and natural building, shifting the sense of abundance as coming from material gains to feeling how it actually arises from within.

Overcoming Health Challenges (if any) -

Challenge: To arise into ‘love body’ vitality in terms of weight, nutrition, ALIVE sexuality, and embracement of gender

Both Raphael and Jelelle struggled at times in their lives with being overweight or just not at their ‘ideal’ weight that represented their true sense of vitality. At one point in 2012, Raphael lost about 50 pounds and has kept this weight off since then. This happened through a focus on exercise for awhile, yet, eventually it became the natural frequency of self love that his body could then reflect. Jelelle has remained at a healthy weight since moving to Mexico in 2014 as a reflection of being more connected to nature, sunshine, doing yoga, and really feeling and loving her body, plus healing previous self-punishment energies with her Inner Punisher part. Both have been vegan/vegetarian since 2010, which also contributes to the sense of higher vibrational body. Both of them feel there is a direct connection with emotional body health and soul well-being to physical body health and vitality.

Overcoming Career/Purpose Challenges & Doing the Work You Love

Challenge: To move into service of love as your means of income and earning livelihood

Raphael and Jelelle are still in transition around this one! Over four years ago, they shifted into a community-based money sharing picture with those in their intimate community of “SoulFullHearts”. This allowed them to live off of very little money until 2016 when they move into town again. Community members and beloveds have been earning some income as online English teachers since then and sharing with them as a community. Donations from SoulFullHeart offerings, such as sessions and from book sales, has steadily increased in the last year especially, with Jelelle happily able to dedicate her time fully to growing, sharing, and serving SoulFullHeart as its “She-e-o” (CEO). The SoulFullHeart community desires to relocate to the Glastonbury, UK area this year and be able to expand their local offerings to include retreats, in-person sessions, and immersions with them. This will bring in more donations and it will also allow them to be in a more resonant geography to serve love!