Kenji Kumara


Kenji Kumara is a Channel for ascended energies, Spiritual Catalyst, Creator of Quantum Lightweaving & Sedona Vortex Activation and has dedicated his lifelong spiritual journey to the exploration of the Quantum consciousness field. He has integrated spiritual psychology, medical hypnotherapy, holistic education, trans-personal counseling and the transformational healing arts into his practice of Quantum Ligthtweaving(R).

He is a leading-edge visionary and pioneer in the field of energy consciousness. He works as a messenger helping to guide people from every corner of the globe into New-Earth Consciousness and understanding of their spiritual potential. He lives a normal life and teaches without boundaries and categorization.

Kenji acts as a bridge to the quantum, a catalyst, initiator and activator for those ready to spiritually awaken and emerge. He is a dynamic keynote speaker and offers his Sedona Vortex Activations(​TM) and Joyful Soul Immersion retreats in Sedona. Kenji empowers illumination through trust and liberation, igniting joyful connection.

Known for his ability to keep it simple, effortless, and easy with his humorous and grounded style, Kenji Kumara continues to attract those in search of higher-awareness and self-mastery. He has been highly praised for his unique ability to help people understand their life’s purpose and claim their true destiny.

His dynamic approach to activations challenges the conventions of the old paradigms that are no longer valid, by integrating shifts in personal and planetary transformational consciousness. This energetic and vibrational quantum advancement experience is a simple approach that helps people to change their thinking, reconnect to their spirit, and see the world with a new perspective of joy and bliss. Kenji has dedicated his life to service as a clear and inspired channel for ascended healing energy frequencies, and serves as a quantum catalyst for self-realization and mastery.


Encore –Sacred Stories from the Heart - Wednesday May 30th @ 8pm BST /12:00 PT / 3pm ET / 1pm MT / 2pm CT