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The Gene Keys - Unlock Your Deepest Truths

The Gene Keys take you on your own “Grail Quest” along the Golden Path to show you the key Gene Keys in your own unique hologenetic profile. The journey reveals to you the shadow energies lurking in your unconscious that are waiting to be transmuted and transformed into your most powerful gifts, and ultimately the Siddhis or Divine Essences that are at the core of your soul. This truly is a path to your enlightenment that only you can tread. The Gene Keys  is a system based upon the link between the Chinese “I Ching” 64 hexagrams and the 64 Codons that make up our DNA

  • Understanding your Hologenetic Profile
  • Getting started on the Golden Path
  • Clear explanations of each sequence (Activation, Venus, and Pearl) and how they work within our lives
  • Co-creative tools and insights to help you interpret old patterns and open your greatest gifts
  • Key Questions to help you delve deeper into your contemplations, unlocking blocks to your true Genius

Peter uses his experience and wisdom to guide you through personal one-on-one discovery sessions that will aid in eliminating restrictive beliefs that are preventing you from obtaining your highest potential. By opening your life to unlimited possibilities, you will attain balance, harmony, and increase personal happiness. These empowering sessions provide solutions to personal and organizational challenges, creating a positive environment, a life-long path for growth, and a clear understanding of your life’s purpose. The immediate benefits are greater energy, a more positive outlook, and expanded awareness.

The Gene Keys
Unlock your deepest highest truths hidden in your DNA with a Gene Keys Profile session 

Gene Keys Profile Reading - Unlock Your Deepest Truths & Highest Truths

Special Offer Only : $111