Stewart Blackburn – Divine Offerings

Divine Offering 1:

Heart Centred Shamanism Private Session

"Guiding You Back Home to Yourself & Conscious Creation"

The Essence of Heart Centered Shamanism:

A Modern Shamanism for a Changing Future

In Heart Centered Shamanism there is no need to build up protection. There is no need for ways to prevent “negative energy” from getting in. These kinds of ideas are based on fear – the fear that something in the inner realms can hurt us. From a Heart Centered Shamanism perspective, it is only the fear itself that can hurt us. When we stay in a loving space where fear doesn’t reach us, then there is nothing that can harm us.

 This shamanism is one that draws both inspiration and techniques from the Huna of Serge Kahili King. The primary focus is on coming back into harmony with our own natures and healing by loving all those parts of ourselves that we have neglected or pushed away from us. This is also about letting our hearts lead the way. The mind is magnificent and a marvel of creation. But it is the heart that takes us to the great experiences of life, like love, ecstasy, joy, compassion, even enlightenment.  Life is about experience and most of experience is feelings. When we give the heart free rein to explore what it is to be a human being, then we get to know both ourselves and All-That-Is. We need the mind to help us stay focused and to be aware of all that is around us. But it needs to be in service to the heart for us to genuinely thrive.

During a private Heart Centred Shamanism session with Stewart, you will be shown and guided on:

  • Coming back home to yourself – to your heart 
  • Feeling deep peace within 
  • How to consciously create and allow more pleasure and bliss into your life. 


Heart Centred Shamanism Private session

Discount: 45%

Total Value: $197

Divine Offering Price: $108

Private Session

Divine Offering 2:

Suite of 3 x Private Heart Centred Shamanic Session on learning how to Coming Home to Yourself With Peace & Compassion & releasing blocks that stop you from doing this

Discount: 45%

Total Value: $591

Divine Offering Price: $265

Suite of 3 Private Sessions