Vandana Atara Aura – Sacred stories from the Heart

Sacred stories from the Heart - Overcoming Greatest Challenges

My Sacred Story & Soul Song Remembrance
It hasn’t always been a bed or roses growing up as an empath & light worker growing up with my earth family.
There have been lots of challenges overcome, family trauma resolution & karmic dissolution in this lifetime.
Along the way, I’ve re-discovered my inner strengths, highest wisdom & amazing grace & I wish the same for you.
Here are some of my own life experiences I’ve lived with, learned from, shifted & healed when I got out of my own way
and embodied my highest soul role as a divine channel of pure light & unconditional love.
When I moved out of fear & resistance into love & acceptance, my story changed until I no longer identified myself with my “story”.
Somewhere along my inner & outer sacred soul journey, I was able to:

Making Peace With The Past With Ease & Grace

Vandanas Daily Affirmations & Magical Mantras Are:

   – I own, honor & embrace my sensitive true nature

   – I choose to not take myself or my circumstances personally

   – I am a divine channel & transmitter of divine love

   – I trust I am safe & well in each & every now moment

   – I see  through the eyes of my open heart & beloved I am presence

   – I am here to share my gifts & be of service

   – I know who I am & why I am here

   – I give myself permission to be happy no matter what

   – I love & accept everything that arises is for my highest good

  – I forgive myself for hurting myself & others in the past

  – I am that I am – I will be what I will to be